About Us


Hi, I'm George.  I started this business because of a series of life-changing events.  

I successfully worked in the fresh fruits and vegetable business for 18 years buying from growers and selling to chain stores and to wholesale markets like the one in NY.  It was during this time that I realized that all food is not created equal.  My wife Catherine and I started paying close attention to what we would cook. We expected to improve our health and well being and eat with confidence.   

It didn't always turn out great, there were times when we felt something was missing, off or even ill.  After careful research and a process of elimination, we realized that one of the causes was the olive oil we were using.  

We did know that olive oil was the healthiest fat to consume and cook with but a little research revealed that the olive oil Americans consume is not what we think it is.  In fact, we know very little about it.  This got our attention so I decided to find out more.

The idea of sourcing and offering honest and amazing food along with the connection to the growers and beautiful fertile lands is the motivation to share our findings.

When we first discovered this olive oil and tasted it, we were so surprised that something as basic as olive oil could be so delicious and nutritious.  It was then that we realized we don't want to eat unhealthy, mediocre commercial-grade mass-produced food but rather try to live a more full life that includes the most nutritious and delicious foods in the world.  

We've spent a large part of the last four years in the Mediterranean and in particular Greece.  My ancestors are from Greece and have always had a connection to the land that provided for them. We completely fell in love with the gorgeous fertile landscapes of this country, the lovely Greek people and especially the food.  

There are regions of the world that produce amazing natural foods that are not always available to us. It is our wish that our products provide abundant nourishment to you and your loved ones.

We personally travel to the source and verify the process, quality and consistency of production.  We very much like to meet the people who grow and produce the olive oil and take the opportunity to establish a direct connection. 

Join us on this journey to experience some of the best our world has to offer.